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How To Market a Boring Business

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Win Without Pitching – Business Development Consulting for Marketing Communication Firms

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Postmedia Says Revenue is Down – Not Just Print, but Digital Revenue Too –

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Branding & advertising is in flux. Now, more than ever, it may be time to implement a promotional item into your marketing strategy and campaign budget. QR codes are becoming more widely accepted and utilized by a growing legion of young, tech savvy consumers. We can help you and your team acquire some of these new consumers and grow your revenues.

PROforma CCG can help you with developing a marketing project – complete with a QR code, a mobile web strategy and some relevant corporate gifts, writing instruments, or trade show give always!

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Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary on why promotional products work – Orlando Business Journal

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Promotional products have one of the lowest costs of any advertising medium. Picking relevant products and using a powerful, timeless message will yield years of brand reinforcement.

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6 Ways QR Codes Can Close Sales & Delight Customers | Search Engine People | Toronto

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Sales Techniques Infographic Blog • Professional Academy

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A great refresher which covers many of the concepts I have learned in the field and in courses throughout my sales career. This entire info graphic is a personal branding guideline!

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The Complete Guide To Sales – A pretty useful resource for anyone in business

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This content reminds me of a behavioural sales course I attended about a decade ago. Very powerful.

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